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What is BodyTalk - And how may it intersect with accessing health potential in active ways? Part 1

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

BodyTalk is a USA based Integrative Complementary Mind-Body therapy modality that integrates aspects of western medicine such as anatomy and physiology, the new science of quantum physics and biophysics along with holistic knowledge from Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. BodyTalk was founded in the 1990's by John Veltheim Chiropractor and Acupuncturist and is a form of Applied Kinesiology.

​​ BodyTalk aims to identify the emotional and psychological aspects background to physical health challenges. The BodyTalk practitioner works through an integrative map of the body in the form of a treatment protocol or menu, to structure a treatment formula developed through neuromuscular feedback.

This technique of accessing the innate intelligence of the mind-body complex and current specific needs in time for health - draws on knowledge from: The Western biomedical view, the anatomy and physiology of the human body, the energetic anatomy from the acupuncture meridians along with five element theory, and the chakras from Ayurvedic medicine.

Causative factors are identified with a specific sequence of treating techniques uncovered through testing in order to address energy blockages, emotional traumas and other contributing factors before the practitioner performs the needed techniques along with specific tapping procedure involving the heart, brain and gut-brain. Treatment sessions can be delivered face to face in person on the body, or via a distance application format (Stuve, Liu, Shen, Gianettoni & Galipo, 2015).

One way that anatomy and physiology knowledge has impacted our modern experience of health originated in ancient Greece. Due to the ongoing advances of modern science we can tend to think of the anatomy and physiology of the body, as originating in modern times - however the beginnings of the historical knowledge of the body systems, processes along with the structure and design of the human body anatomy, has its origins in long distant history. If we look at one human body system, such as the nervous system we discover that enquiry into the structure and function of the body was being made in ancient Egypt and by the Babylonians. Greek philosophers were involved in understanding human body anatomy and in assembling anatomical drawings. While understandings developed about the design of the human anatomy, there was a lack of understanding about what caused illness. Alcmaeon, Praxagoras and Herophilus who were Physician/philosophers of their time sought to understand the biology, form and function of the human brain and how it related to the rest of the body. From within this philosophical atmosphere of deep thinking and inquiry - questions were asked about the mind, nature of the mind; and from this place came the origins of what we now know as the medical fields of neurology and neuroscience(Panegyres & Panegyres, 2015).

Alcmaeon in the 5th Century BC covered topics within his work that included details of the optic nerve. Along with questioning the nature of the soul, he saw thinking and perceiving as two different abilities. He viewed the mind and body as not distinct from each other, due to the brain’s activity, connectivity and control over physical and mental influences. He saw the brain as capable of intuitive analysis of data, with the body needing to be maintained in a state of equilibrium for it to remain healthy. Furthermore, Alcmaeon observed the senses as connected to the brain and his work contributed much to the development of understanding human perception and cognition (Panegyres & Panegyres, 2015).

Praxagoras, during the 4th century BC made a distinction between veins and arteries and as a teacher of neurology postulated the existence of what he termed "neurons." Later on, Herophilus of Chalcedon proved the existence of the nervous system by dissection and was able to distinguish the difference between motor and sensory nerves. Furthermore, he observed the nerves as originating in the brain and as being threaded throughout the whole body via the spine. Herophilus was also able to measure the human pulse, along with distinguishing the difference between the cerebrum and the cerebellum he correctly articulated the separate systems of the body and articulated the brain as having a prime controlling role over the body systems. Central now to neuroscience and also within the field of anatomy is the "nervous system" with the awareness of it being the link between the mind and the body. This is one example of the historical origins of the system of anatomy and physiology on which we now in modern times base much focused intention and knowledge in working with; within the many different healthcare models available globally (Panegyres & Panegyres, 2015).

Quantum mechanics is an area of Physics that helps to explain how processes of the body work at the intersection of physical cellular processes at a molecular level and how these interact with energy particles such as photons which derive from the wider universe and interact with us on a daily basis influencing the processes of life and health. One example of this involves the process of vision. Photon energy is involved in the process of vision – coming into the eye from our environment and going to the visual cortex of the brain via the visual pathways with some of this input going to the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus thereby influencing the regulation of our internal body clock. This mode of internal regulation includes such things as eating, the sleep-wake cycle, mood, body heat regulation, and the reproductive cycle. These normal body cycles then show organised coordinated changes in the types and amounts of certain chemicals present in various parts of the brain. This involves hormones such as thyroid stimulating hormone, growth hormone, melatonin, cortisone and prolactin. These changes caused by visible light and photons arriving at the retina of eye then feeds into chemical chain reactions which see the secretion of neurotransmitters such as GABA, serotonin, dopamine and suppression of melatonin. The neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin are known to have effects of human behaviour and in this way chemical changes have occurred in the body and the brain which are photon related. This is one example of how our biological systems involve processes of quantum physics within our natural make up and could be termed quantum neurobiological processes (Tarlacı, 2011).

If we look at nerve cells which are the basic cell structures that build the brain and support its functioning; we find ion channels on the membranes of nerve cells. Ion channels are quantum objects. Nerve signals move from the body of the nerve cell along its axon extension to the synapse at the end of the axon. Here at the synapse ionic flow that is bioelectrical in nature passes from one nerve cell or neuron to the next. Molecules from protein form ion channels which are on the nerve cell membrane and act to allow electrically charged atoms to make passage across the cell membrane. This is the passage of ions, moving in and out of the nerve cells, creating a potential difference and a communication between nerve cells which is a bioelectrical nerve communication. Quantum entanglement is an interaction between particles which is non-local. This sees a change in one particle bring about a change in the other particle without there being any physical connection between the two particles. The action of quantum entanglement within ion channels of the human body turns the macroscopic environment of the cell membrane into a quantum object. These types of processes are occurring within the human body automatically without any conscious awareness from the person. How these processes intersect and relate to the mind, cognition, learning, our consciousness and health are fields of research that will help us to better understand how quantum physics is involved within our experiences of neurobiology and health (Tarlacı, 2011).

There is some evidence to support the idea of the human brain being fractal in nature. Electroencephalogram (EEG) data collected and utilized to analyse brain wave frequencies indicates that a fractal micro-physical component of human brain waves exist. Indeed some studies have demonstrated that what we term consciousness, may be fractal in nature. Subcellular neuronal structuring in the brain which involves tensegrity architecturing demonstrates that on smaller microscales there is a triangular structure of fractals. EEG involves having electrodes placed onto the head to record electrical brain activity within an specific area of brain surface in this way involving many millions of neurons. Analysis of EEG data has shown that the brain operates within a fractal dimension of greater than four. Four representing the fourth dimension where we have linear perception of time and space within a the dense reality of physical matter. Some areas of the brain have demonstrated activity within a fractal dimension of between five to eight, including different areas of the brain showing different fractal dimensions. This points to some areas of the brain working outside of linear time and what we call space, and connecting to non-local dimensions within the quantum field. These are levels of consciousness traditionally accessed by spiritual adepts who practiced for decades in order to attain access and awareness of these levels of energy, consciousness and awareness. Accessing these levels of energy and awareness is one way that distance, remote or non-local treatment utilizing energy medicine is possible as a data input, energy transfer, pattern shifting, healing update for the receiver. Quantum entanglement principles may play a role too in the download of the energy medicine treatment session. Accessing the quantum field intentionally and with permission via a consciousness pathway through a higher dimension (five - eight) that is outside of linear time and space; opens up a whole new world of opportunity for consciousness and intelligence based energy medicine that's personal, along with health care that's orientated towards the origin of issues and respects the whole person - mind, body, heart-spirit (Gardiner, Overall & Marc, 2010) .

Taoism is an ancient cosmology connected to Acupuncture which views the ebb and flow of life energies as a dynamic expression from the cosmos; stepped down from consciousness through interpenetrating forces of Yin and Yang. The psychophysical nature of life was seen to hold a constant dynamic interplay of energies within its quantum of action. Numbers, sequences, rhythms, cycles and pulsations were seen to create inner and outer environments and orbits. Cardinal points of alignment such as North, South, East and West held relational significance to and within the energies of life and the flow of it. Movement had correspondences, sequences and pulsations. The role of the elements was dynamic. Trigrams held specific patterns and alignments being a stabilizing influence. Taoist microphysics are seen to provide a dynamic blueprint for cosmic evolution. A view exists that Taoism explains quantum string theory in a dynamic way and that other related quantum theories not yet properly explained could be understood within Taoist cosmology. (Rosen, 2017).

In Part 2 - Acupuncture and Biophysics will be explored.

Utilizing BodyTalk as a technique for safely, effectively and intentionally accessing the aware intelligence of the mind-body for self repair and balance; can include dynamic dimensions which are local and within the body, or which are non-local (beyond linear time) and directed from consciousness aspects within the quantum field of potential. In this way the BodyTalk practitioner acts as a facilitator to support the person's own intelligent awareness for health and recovery to re-orientate, reconnect and relink in ways that best support healing and health outcomes specific to the person and their soul path.


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