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Supporting balance, integration and healthy vitality with energy medicine

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Within many traditional medicine systems across time there has been a focus of intention within the application of therapy, to open up channels, support subtle energy flow, unlock blockages, and build vital energies in a way that supports the body's own innate healing ability, and natural body processes that harmonize balance into the nature of the being - in a health restorative way.

Within traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) this energy has been known as Chi, and the channels within which this energy flows within the body, as a network between the circulatory and nervous systems, is known as the Meridian system. The network of channels and points, known as acupuncture points, hold various energetic keys, with some points being entry points, and some exit points for energy to leave the body.

Within TCM, the nature of the different points is seen to imbue the particular point with a function. This function operates and oscillates between the body physical, the energetic flow of Chi within the meridian circuitry, and the function of the point, as an intersection between the person, the energy of Chi and the meridian system, along with the outside environment within which a person lives, breathes, grows and thrives.

This interaction of the "environment," as perceived within the philosophy and framework of TCM, places the human being as a central player within an energetic field that resonates as a conscious energetic being; in a constant sociological interconnection with the flow of Chi, elemental forces as building blocks, and in an interconnection with the seasons, times, events, energies, and influences of the multiple streams of life, that imbue our physical, emotion, environmental and social existence and space, within time.

This central position of empowerment within life, embodied within a spiritual interface of HEART SHEN, along with mental emotional habits for guarding one's SHEN or spiritual energies and health; promoted each individual person to a position of authority within their own personal lives, and as such respected the innate ability each person has to self author their own story - not least through, mental emotional work, and the TRANSFORMATION of issues into wisdom and learning. Claiming this power - can be pivotal in any healing process. Reworking one's thinking and viewpoint to access another differing viewpoint can open up new opportunities for healing, along with release from issues.

Energy Medicine provides a method for accessing the innate awareness within the subtle meridian system, for guiding the body, mind, spirit - of a person; back towards their own innate health blueprint, through interlinking with the ancient wisdom of the intelligence of their body, mind, heart-spirit. BodyTalk provides one method for working directly with these fields of intelligence, in order to arrive at current time priorities for health building and wellness recovery.

I'm often asked why I practice BodyTalk or provide BodyTalk sessions, and why I don't just provide Trauma Sensitive Energy Medicine on its own. My reasons for this are that health can be a very specific priority for people, either on its own, or in association to past trauma. Trauma can initiate specific health challenges and these can become a priority over time. Due to limited knowledge of trauma in the community, such health issues can be missed. BodyTalk provides a great tool for accessing the innate intelligence of the individual person's own body, mind, energetic field; in a way that can be keyed to promote health and wellness; as a priority or outcome of treatment in recovery from trauma. Trauma can create interruptions and blockages to Chi flow and become focused within meridians as emotionally charged issues. This can have an effect of holding one into the past. Promoting the flow of vital energy, Chi, and the natural healing intelligence of the body - is philosophically embodied within the practice of BodyTalk. This facilitates movement and flow of energy, which is part of the healing process.

By contrast, Trauma Sensitive Energy Medicine, very specifically brings a lens of trauma awareness and presence to working directly with the scope of SPECIFIC PRIORITIES that can arise from within an individuals experience of specific trauma. This is knowledge gleaned, learned and accumulated over time and which has arisen from within a personal experience of trauma and healing, and which is unique in its approach to working with Trauma; as an intelligent light field that can be re-linked, integrated, worked with, worked through, and repatterned towards health, wellness and healing transformation. In working with trauma, it has become apparent over time that setting up the body in a fundamental way, to support the person in their own process of trauma recovery; is well facilitated through building a MATRIX of BodyTalk sessions first, which are focused towards health and wellness, prior to doing any specific trauma recovery work.

4 Ways that BodyTalk Energy Medicine sessions may support building health vitality are:

1. Promotes awareness around emotional blockages and holding patterns in the body, mind, spirit; and works to clear and clarify these along with related issues.

2. Works with the subtle energies of the body, mind, spirit; bringing presence and an awareness of deep listening to the natural health priorities a person has for their own unique set of problems.

3. Aims to restore connection, balance, and harmony; between the body, nervous system, and related organs; so that life can be processed and the body updated in its ability to function and flow. 4. Health can be focused on as an outcome or goal of treatment from within a session; and this focus can be linked within a person's own sociology and psychology, to promote balance and wellness outcomes.

4 Ways that regular ongoing BodyTalk Energy Medicine sessions, may act as a preventative Self-care tool in daily life may be:

1. Problems can be picked up earlier.

2. Attention can be brought to issues that are discreet or hidden in the background.

3. Ongoing health challenges that span the spectrum of energies across the body-mind-spirit; can be intelligently noticed, and stepped along; including in an integrative way, along side of other therapeutic interventions.

4. Proactive self-care where one is an active participant within their own experience of health and healthcare; has a potential to afford one greater choice, input and as such adjust outcomes within a scope of what their own beliefs, health practices, and hopes are long-term.

Mantra Wellness Strategies offers a range of session treatment options have been created and curated to provide a good scope of cover across the types of issues and problems that are common within specific areas of health need, trauma histories, wellness challenges and age groups.

While a single treatment session is good for bringing attention to an area or focus point at that time; a bundle of grouped sessions can be intentionally orientated to provide specific focused attention around specific problems. The advantage of this approach seems to be that within a format of direction that priorities healthy creative change, and additionally aims to up-level one's healing energies to support guiding the body-mind-spirit back towards a healthy orientation, along a pathway of steps that are congruent to the individual and which promote soft, gentle and titrated healing and repair; very deep involved and complex health and wellness issues can be helped towards constructive change, and a personal process of healing or repair.

Bundled sessions, formatted in this way, may act as a creative lens through which the BodyTalk treatment session can flow; thereby adding an additional level of aware, supportive, presence, within and along side of the healing process that occurs naturally. This can be useful when an individual has a personal or family history of trauma.


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