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Optimizing holistic preventative healthcare in children & young people in support of mental wellness

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Unlike adults who usually have a greater capacity to move around, make choices to change their daily environment and move out of the range of stress triggers before overwhelm sets it; children and young people often do not. Children and young peoples daily lives and the environmental influences within which they find themselves living, playing, learning and growing are to a large extent regulated and controlled by circumstances around them over which they may have little control or input into.

Children are by nature very intuitive. When a wise child's inner knowing is cramped and not allowed to express in healthy ways this can set up a situation of internal stress, where the child, in order to live within the situation adjusts in ways to fit in, and so doing can merge energetically with the issues around them. Over time this can become a habit of conforming to fit in and not rock the boat too much. The resultant state of heightened stress can feed into development of a stress state, anxiety, social stress, nervous system dysregulation, and breakdown of normal healthy balancing mechanisms within the body-mind of the individual. When left unattended this type of internal terrain of stress and fragmentation may hold keys to healing and navigating such issues back towards balance, integration and wholeness.

The BodyTalk technique provides a simple, effective, tool for accessing the inherent self awareness of the body-mind from within a scientific framework that looks across the spectrum of the body systems, the energy complexes of the body fields, cell intelligence, and the interrelated dynamic links that connect working systems, within flowing energy systems, in balance to a functioning nervous system and the maintenance of an ongoing state of person health. This is preventative complementary medicine.

Listening to what the individual person's body has to say from within the body's consciousness as an innately intelligent spiritual being - gives access to a dynamic field of healing potential. For children and young people whose experiences are complex, unconscious, beyond their control and outside of their level of understanding; this form of witnessing and deep listening to what is their story from within the lived experience; can open new awareness for health, can support preventative interventions prior to the expression of a full blown health issue, and can lead to a broadening of knowledge and awareness for what the child or young persons needs are for their health.

In this way, the application of the treatment session is the building of a subtle energy treatment formula; communicated specifically through neuromuscular feedback testing to determine through the intelligence of the innate body-mind and subtle energy systems; what the important priorities are in the moment for the best integration and reconnection of the person, and their own energies and innate intelligence, within their own experience of life and living, in a health building framework. Health in this focus being an orientation to a state of wellness unique to the person, and having a sociology of connections into environments of: Prenatal and perinatal psychology, early life experiences, trauma, family systems challenges, epigenetics, personal growth, and health challenges, which confer a spiritual growth opportunity into the persons life - as a learning experience, which encompasses the health - healing dynamic as a transformational process.

For young adults or even for older adults who as children were subjected to alot of stress during their formative years; these cumulative traumatic health effects can be background to many different foreground health challenges, which can include mental wellness challenges, nervous system dysregulation, migraine, chronic dehydration, eating disorders, immune system challenges, and difficulties with coping in daily life. When children and young peoples concerns are not taken seriously enough and the child in their need is not heard, this internal stress can rebound overtime within the neuroendocrine system. Later in life this can link into such conditions as thyroid imbalance and autoimmune problems, along with one's ability to speak up for themselves or to speak their own inner voice.

Trauma in early life can run a course of creative expression, over which, one has little to no control. A definition of trauma, which resonated with me initially was that of Freud, and it goes like this. Freud described the memory of trauma, as acting in ways similar to that of a foreign body, which, long after entering the body, had a life of its own (Alexander, 2010). The reason this description of trauma resonated for me as accurate was that energetically in working with a traumatized person, this is how trauma shows up in the body. Freud's characterization of trauma then correlated with my experience of working with trauma within the energy medicine setting, and also my personal lived experience of trauma.

Within BodyTalk System, a specific technique called "Active Memory" can be helpful in neutralizing, and harmonising some of the memory triggers of activity, held within traumatic memory, and within different tissues and structures of the body. This can be incredibly freeing and contribute to the resolution of trauma in the body.

Given the creative nature of some forms of trauma, specifically sexual trauma, a more complex approach to unraveling the disordered sequencing and chaotic responses to and within trauma, within the body, can be worked through using a holistic Trauma Aware lens, as an adjunct to other therapeutic approaches.

Working directly with the intelligent awareness of the body-mind it is possible to titrate or regulate the level, depth and amount of energy work within any one treatment session, to be at the level of what the persons body is capable of safely working with, processing and integrating at that time.

Working through a trauma sensitive lens within a holistic focus provides a soft and gentle, mindful approach to attend to what the body is needing for self regulation and self healing, without triggering overwhelm or retrauma.

Outcomes from this type of approach to trauma, mental wellness, holistic health and coping can include: Less anxiety, less intrusion of traumatic memory, improved self belief, reduction in stress, improvement in sleep and quality of rest, improved ability to live within mental health pathologies and cope with daily life. For children there can be attention brought to areas of stress within their life or their body that they themselves lack the knowledge or ability to communicate. This can facilitate bringing a solution to their problems sooner rather than later when a more significant pathology may have developed over time. Happier relationships is also a common flow through effect from harmonising the body-mind and the person within their sociological life story. This can be helpful for children living with relational trauma, separation, loss and associated stress in coping.


Alexander, J. (2010). Cultural trauma and collective identity (p. 33). Berkeley, Calif. [u.a.]: Univ. of California Press.


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