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When the obstacle to resolving trauma, is unresolved shock!

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

In my early twenties I was abruptly drawn deeper into life and to following a Taoist path. For reasons unknown to me I had since childhood, been drawn to Oriental Medicine. The holistic nature of looking at the environment as something which we live within and have daily interactions with, through and within our physical and energetic being made sense to me. My path of seeking meaning and understanding within life had led into something deeper than I'd encountered before. I would find "the way" of Taoism resonating with a true ring for me. Easily I could frame this approach into my daily life and process. For decades I would chose the "middle road" and work to balance my energies, listening to the environment of nature, the seasons and values of energy being offered up for life and living with and through the interactions of living. Over time this led me more deeply into meridian therapy and acupressure work. Within my own healing process I tapped into modalities which worked on or through the meridian channels as a method for healing. This felt deeply balancing.

When I'd worked as a nurse in the hospital system it was common place to hear the word "shock" used to describe the status of a person who had suffered some form of physical trauma. Trauma on the other hand was a rarely used word. More often the words "injury" or "sepsis" were used to describe the situation. Emerging into the time capsule of an invasive body trauma early in life which had not been unwrapped and opened for healing until decades later; I learned around 17 years ago now that the word trauma was gaining use to describe a range of experiences that result in chaotic disruption within the nervous system and energy fields, injury and psychological harm. Following an intuitive healing path over some considerable time, I arrived at a place in 2009 where I began to recognise that there was an anchor beneath some aspects of my trauma history which nothing seemed to reach into. Sensing into this web I was led to explore the dynamic of "shock" or specifically "unresolved shock" as holding, binding and anchoring trauma stories and their energies in the body thereby blocking resolution of the trauma and the healing potential of the body, mind, spirit of the person.

This search arrived me at the TARA Approach website and to purchasing the book "We are all in SHOCK", by Neuropsychologist Stephanie Mines PhD. For some time this paperback book became a coffee table fixture as I would sit and hold points to assist in moving shock through and out of my body. At the time I had by then been working through my own story of overwhelming invasive body trauma for some time. This was around the time I experienced a mental switch. This mental switch was the emergence of a deeper more insightful viewpoint of my invasive body trauma story. It was the emergence of a consciousness of the "sacred" from within the trauma. This doorway was an opening into a deeper level of forgiveness, a more open space of self acceptance and an allowance for the gifts which had been brought forward into presence from out of the old traumatic story and experience. The energy of transformation within a long healing process, had nurtured within my understanding the awareness that the nature of the injury had shone a light on what was sacred, spiritual, creative, healing and transformative. It had also over time opened my mind and awareness to a depth of self discovery and self knowledge that without the experience of my trauma possibly would not have existed.

The "Sacred" within the trauma story is a space held within Trauma Aware: HeartSpirit Energies Medicine sessions. That the trauma loading is a tapestry of dynamic energy a person may require some support in understanding, unraveling, deciphering, and re-patterning energetically towards more health and wellbeing. Trauma Aware: HeartSpirit Energies Medicine sessions at Balance Point Place is inclusive in that what ever modalities or resources the person's own body innate intelligence requests for healing and support, is included within the session. This may include complex "resource" matrix's being built to support specific aspects of the complex traumered person energetically. It may include building an integration of resources from other modalities. Whatever is needed is called in and added into the "Chi" circle of influence in order to resource the body-mind-spirit of the person, to support processing, healing, resolution, completion and accessing the gift from within the trauma story and experience in a transformative way.

How can you know what "shock" is?

Understanding the difference between "Shock" and "Trauma" can make all the difference to resolving trauma. Healing the underlying deep embedded shock can prove some what of a challenge to safely access. In her book, "We Are All in Shock" - Neuropsychologist Stephanie Mines PhD talks about an experience of shock feeling a bit like a foggy numbness that's difficult to name. The physiological manifestation of shock can resemble a range of symptoms associated with various types of physical issues faced by trauma survivors such as: unstable body temperature, dissociation, withdrawn behaviours, sweating, anger or rage, a trapped feeling, trembling and panic (Mines, 2003). That these symptoms can overlap with other causes; can contribute to them being mislabeled or missed completely within the health story of a person delaying trauma resolution .

Dr. Mines is the founder of TARA Approach, which is an acronym standing for "Tools for Awakening Resources and Awareness." An energy medicine approach for the resolution of shock and trauma. Based on her Jin Shin training and integrated with her scientific learning over many decades, Stephanie has streamlined a spiritually orientated, self compassionate, energy medicine system which not only addresses trauma at the extreme end of the shock spectrum, but also through the intelligence of the meridian system with specific hands on application can calm the reptilian brain and support regeneration of the kidney-adrenal system which can burn out under ongoing traumatic loading of shock and sustained trauma. The body when stuck on survival in this way and essentially trapped, is unable to process traumatic shock or regenerate and heal (Mines, 2003).

Within the application of TARA Approach the individuals pulse is seen to reflect their internal response to change. This form of bio-feedback is self-paced to support a titrated application of energetic intervention to support the person's body-mind-spirit in its ability to self-regulate or re-regulate. This process includes the physical body and deeply listens via the wrist pulses, in acknowledgement to its need for resolution of trauma and shock. This process supports an individual in moving from a trauma vortex into a healing vortex. Some historical influences in the development of shock include: birth trauma, prenatal life, childhood domestic violence and sexual trauma. Shock as a cumulative trauma can impact health and wellbeing. For many people shock is a repeated experience. On a deeper level of meaning an ancient view of shock interpreted from the "I Ching," points to shock as a developmental path where an opportunity for development is the link between the process of transformation and the "threat" associated with the shock. This arrives one at the question then of, "What is the purpose of this shock?" Approaching the physiology of shock from a gentle, nurturing, energy medicine pathway - reminds and invites the individuals nervous system to respond and rebound in a more balanced way (Mines, 2003).

4 pointers to assist in identifying the difference between Shock from Trauma:

1. The impact of shock is global throughout the body and its systems with a particular physiological impact occurring on the immune system. Recovery from shock is dependent on adrenal reserve which can be seen to reflect ones exposure to shocking experiences; along with one's innate capacity to recover and regenerate from such depleting exposures.

2. The experience of shock in the body can involve a form of shock resulting from different contextual experiences of trauma, such as but not limited to:

(a) Septic shock: From an infection,

(b) Shell shock: From a battlefield trauma experience.

3. Shock as an experience is both stunning and totally overwhelming to the body-mind complex of the person. Where as trauma could be seen to be a wounding experience for the person; shock has a shattering effect that results in a disintegration or a falling apart into many pieces. Healing shock, finding, and reintegrating all the broken pieces that have resulted from the shattering, can take time and be a process of healing and self development.

4. Shock has the effect of overriding our normal nervous system responses and imposes demands beyond a persons normal capacity and coping ability, which then has impacts on their endocrine system and concurrently is interpreted by their neurobiology as a threat. The experience of trauma primarily impacts the brain and the limbic system and is more sequential and orderly in its trajectory of disruption, and in the occurrence of associated developmental effects.

Pathways out of shock can include self-care, healing processes that support experiences of shock and disintegration being re-patterned within a neurobiology of love; and energy medicine that supports a holistic integration between the resultant changes in a person's body and nervous system in correlation with the body's own needs for health restoration and resolution of shock (Mines, 2003).


Mines, S. (2003). We are all in shock (pp. 15-36). Franklin Lakes, NJ: New Page Books.


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