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Cynthia Certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner in 2007.  She has previously worked as a registered nurse in the public and private hospital systems in both adult and children's facilities.  Cynthia has a developed interest in utilizing a trauma informed wellness approach to work with complex trauma related health and life challenges through the lens of complementary energy medicine.


BodyTalk provides a simple and reliable method for directly accessing the mind-body complex of the individual person, their innate intelligence for health, and gives the being of the body a chance to be recognized as an active dynamic player in the person's health story through testing and interpretive listening.  Through the application of specific neuromuscular feedback yes/no testing the specific named priorities requiring attention are identified for inclusion within the treatment formula, following a testing protocol. This type of personalized process tailors a session directly to the needs of the person at that time. This method not only provides a stable baseline tool to work with, it points to areas of preventative care that may need attention before a health issue has time to surface.  It also provides a lens through which to view deeper issues and navigate treatment responses towards ongoing progressive health goals.  As such it’s a great form of regular health maintenance and preventative healthcare.


Cynthia helps women and their family's to live healthier, happier lives, and through healing old trauma stories - helps them access their potential in life!  

For further information or to apply to be a client of Cynthia's -

Email: cynthia.icbm.sessions@gmail.com for further details.



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