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Cynthia's interest in health started around age 6 subsequent to surviving an anaphylactic event and never feeling quite the same ever afterwards.  Several health challenges followed with months out of school through various years of schooling and each time natural medicine and rest were the means of health recovery. 


Blessed with a Grandmother who practiced home based homeopathy, grew her own medicinal herbs, making salves and balms at home, while promoting Vitamin C as necessary for health – Cynthia grew up within an integrative healthcare family culture.  Her father took her to a Naturopath and a Chiropractor regularly from a young age, her Grandmother would give her homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures while her mother would look after the medical side of issues and make sure that illnesses were attended to by the Pediatrician and antibiotics used if necessary.  


This practical awareness of how useful an integrated approach to health care and illness challenges can be is something that has guided Cynthia’s approach to working with own health challenges and is an approach that she readily includes and invites within her practice of energy medicine.


For some time Cynthia worked as a registered nurse in both the public and private hospital systems in Australia, including within adult and children’s ICU’s.


Cynthia found energy medicine and transformational healing through a web of unplanned circumstances and events which changed the course of her life.  Her original interest in personal growth and natural medicine took her into the study of herbal medicine, colour therapy, vibrational medicine, eastern orientated Self-realisation practices and yoga practice. 


Trauma would burst its bubble within her life at a surprising point in time and from there on she has been drawn to understand and work with the subtle energy and life intelligence of trauma for recovery and healing resolution – from a trauma sensitive energy medicine perspective that is holistic, integrative and wellness focused. 


Cynthia’s has a natural ability to read trauma patterns in the body and correlate these to health and life issues that the person may be experiencing.  Not a gift that was ever learnt but which was recognized when working as a nurse in the area of suspected child abuse and neglect then forgotten, to be later picked up on by a psychologist colleague.

Cynthia integrates a mindful trauma sensitive approach along with various paths of learning, knowledge and experience; within her private energy medicine practice – Mantra Wellness Strategies; where she offers BodyTalk Applied Kinesiology sessions, and Trauma Sensitive Energy Medicine sessions to clients.

She has a developed interest in brain health, mental wellness, trauma resolution, and complex health challenges related to early life trauma and transgenerational trauma which can involve epigenetic health effects.

Cynthia lives on the Sunshine Coast, enjoys the beach and the salty coastal air along with the rainforests and prolific nature that the area provides.  She loves to cook (a good self-regulatory practice), spend time in nature and is passionate in her pursuit of healing and wellness which are embodied paths in daily life.

Integrative Complementary
Mind-body Energy Medicine Therapy

Energy Medicine can be utilized in conscious ways, to intentionally act within a treatment framework, as a complementary medicine, which is holistic in nature.  This means that the body, mind, spirit of the person is taken into account within the historical picture of their health or wellness issues.  As an avenue of active health promotion, advocacy, and utilization as a healing tool; energy medicine can with awareness, paint  broad brush strokes of soft, gentle, titrated, healing change within a person's lived day to day experience of trauma as an energetic imprint within the energetics of their whole person.  This can influence body, mind, spirit, health, wellness and self expression; through the subtle energetic interfaces of meridians, chakras, subtle body fields, and into cell intelligence.

Being complementary in nature means that the person is able to be who they are, how they are, within their own experience, within their own belief system or value system; and to arrive within the space of healing potential and the energy medicine treatement session, as they are.

Acceptance, including self acceptance is an important aspect of the healing journey.  Healing within a sacred space, which is complementary, aims to facilitate this process.

As a form of natural medicine, that works with the innate intelligence and conscious awareness of the individual persons own body, mind, spirit; energy medicine is able to interweave, interlink, and inform the direction or agenda of healing intervention through picking up threads of information within the person's being that have not been acknowledged, heard, noticed, validated, or included within a health story or expression of such.

This can add a depth of psychology to the sociological construct holding a symptom set; and to the underpinning trauma that holds the person into a pattern of life that may not be relevant to them; or to their soul path and self expression.


PG Diploma Nutritional Medicine (Mental Health)

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

C. Counseling in a Multicultural Society (JCU)

Aura-Soma Colour & Light on the Pathways (Meridians) 1 & 2

Esogetic Colour Puncture (2.4, 2.5, 2.7)

Usui Reiki 3 Natural Healing


Founder: HeartSpirit Energies Medicine ®

Completing: B. Hlth Sc

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